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Easy anonymous file sharing using I2P technology

MuWire is a file sharing program inspired by LimeWire but completely anonymous. It uses I2P for all communication thus keeping your IP address private. You can share, search and download files of any type without relying on a centralized tracker like BitTorrent. Unlike other file sharing applications MuWire has a built-in trust model which allows you to create a group of trusted friends with whom to exchange files securely.

MuWire is completely free and open source. There are no bundled ads or offers of any kind, and it does not solicit donations.


Current stable build MuWire-0.4.0. Feedback and bug reports are welcome in the #muwire Irc2P channel.

Running MuWire

MuWire needs Java 8 or newer and an I2P router to run. It also has a command-line interface about which you can learn more at the CLI Guide. To run MuWire, download the file from the link above. On Windows and Mac just double-click on the file; on Linux open a terminal and type “java -jar MuWire-0.4.0.jar”. To uninstall MuWire simply delete the jar file.

The first time you run MuWire it will ask you to choose a nickname. That nickname is combined with a cryptographically strong I2P address and forms your unique identity on MuWire. Other users can choose to trust you and verify that the files you share are indeed shared by you. For example, my MuWire identity is zlatinb@3k2gijdfdcuczkfypfddj4qsnnf744mj


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